a simple life making pots...

During the late fall of 2016 Marjorie Wade, a St. Croix Valley potter and artist, moved to a twenty acre rural property in Afton, MN,  a city on a small bay where Valley Creek empties into the St. Croix River, several miles north of its confluence with the Mississippi River. Working in this wooded wonderland inspired Marjorie to embrace a simpler lifestyle and begin documenting the beauty of the land. 

In addition to her work in clay Marjorie has created a homestead at Wonderland Tree Farm where she raises a flock of free-range chickens, grows apple, peach and cherry trees, and makes herbal products foraged from native plants and botanicals. These handmade goods include infused oils and salves, lip balms and soaps as well as cottage foods wildcrafted from the property such as dandelion syrup, vegan honey and wild black raspberry jam. Marjorie also taps many of the one hundred trees in her black walnut grove, which she boils each spring into pure black walnut syrup. 

Marjorie's studio - Spiritworks Pottery - is located at Wonderland Tree Farm. Surrounded by an abundance of nature and wildlife, a subtle and nuanced sense of calm is brought to her work. Being able to look out of her studio window and see a hawk sitting in a tree or watch the deer meander by helps her remain grounded and connected with the earth.

Marjorie's pots are available at her home studio sales, online, in galleries and at other invitational events. More information about Marjorie's  pots can be found by visiting Spiritworks Pottery at Wonderland Tree Farm

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